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Wanted Poster Template

Yesterday I got a phone call from one of my old friend. She heard about my this website and visited it but didn’t found what she was looking for, “Wanted Poster Template”!  So she called me and asked to create one template for herself. Actually her puppy (dog) was lost last week and still missing. So I created following template for herself but rather than sending her directly, I am uploading here as I was looking for my text topic too. Now she is going to download from here 🙂

Here is preview of this poster template,

Here is download link,

Download Wanted Poster Template

Updated after 1 Hour:

Just got another call from her. She is looking for a printable template :(. So she didn’t like the background I used. Hence here is an updated version for herself and whoever is looking for a white background wanted poster template.

Here is its download link,

Download Wanted Poster Template – White Background.

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