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Tenancy Contract Template

Tenancy Contract is very important and legal document between tenant and the landlord of a real estate property. Here I am going to share with you a Tenancy Contact Template that I prepared to quickly assist such people looking for a quick help in this matter. This contact documents all the necessary terms & conditions for a period of one year (usually) between the two parties regarding the temporary occupation of a real estate space (room, flat, house or commercial place). It outlines the requirements to enter into this agreement, terms of reference to go through the said period and conditions by which one or both parties can cancel or terminate this contact. It must be in official language and common business layout to maintain seriousness of the subject matter. It is advisable to use a world class online legal translation service to make sure it is in your official language so that you fully understand the contract.

Here is preview of this Tenancy Contact Template,

Tenancy Contract Template


Here is download link of this Tenancy Contract Template,

Download Tenancy Contract Template.

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