Sales Plan Template

Marketing and advertisement is very essential for each person who is engaged in the sales of goods and services. Preparing sale plan can better meet this need for personal and business purposes. Here we design a professional looking sale plan template that you can use for your needs whether they are personal or business related. You will find this sale plan template quite suitable to your needs and can bring necessary changes in the layout and design pattern of it.

If you want to download this sale plan template, just click on the link below to start downloading this template.

Download Sales Plan Template

Retirement Plan Template

Planning retirement budget is very important and critical in the life of every servicemen or employee.  Budget planning is basically identification of all sources of income and expenses to be incurred. Solid budget planning is very essential in microeconomics and is basic part of organizational structure. Here we design a professionally designed budget plan template that will better suit your needs for it. This budget plan template is designed with our best efforts to make you more convenient in getting budget plan for any of your project.

Here is a Retirement Plan Template that can help you or anyone else in planning retirement budget and requirements.

If you want to download this budget plan template, you can do so very easily because we offer a download button along with the template for your convenience.

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School Plan Template

I tried to create a template for School Plan. Not being a usual topic, I have found very less information on internet available for free. Do let me know if you can find an other such template. This School Plan Template is created using blue theme and obviously need a lot of improvement before you can use it for a real business scenario. Please consider this an initial effort to at least give a starting point to someone interested to prepare a School Plan. This plan template is created using Microsoft Word to help newbie users to quickly grasp their grip and then started preparing it as per they demands and/or situation.

Here is preview (first page only), but this Word Document contains 10 pages of template and format details.

Here is the link for this template to be downloaded in zip format. Mostly people ask why I upload template in ZIP format? Simple answer is to help you download faster and with as little as possible size.  Happy Downloading.

Download School Plan Template.

Emergency Response Plan Template

Life is unsure, we may have to face unexpected circumstances in many fields of life for whom we may not be prepared. This is considered as emergency. We often ignore it and do not make any plan to cope with these situations. No one can determine the survival chances in a disaster without having an Emergency Response Plan (ERP). Here is a good quality Emergency Response Plan Template that can help anyone in this very task. Emergencies may include natural disasters like hurricane epidemics, terrorist attack, any brutal road accident, some chemical spill at any chemical plant etc. Emergency could be at domestic level or national level.

It is significant to find key steps to overcome the emergency and include them in your emergency response plan. It should include following elements:

  • Detailed efficient and revealing synopsis
  • Fastidious roles and errands of concerned persons
  • Apt communication processes
  • Safety measures of all involved persons
  • Finding resources and equipments
  • Protection of property

When ERP is compiled, it will specify precise steps to carry on the intact plan in motion as quickly and effectively as possible. ERP must include the kind of emergency for which it is created.

Emergency Response Plan Template

The initial actions are crucial in handling of emergency conditions, so risk assessment is very important to discover the potential of emergency scenario. This will enable you to prepare your ERP consistent to the conditions which you are dealing with and performance goals. A prompt warning to the relevant persons is necessary part and life saving activity.  Protective actions for life safety are a vital part of ERP. It includes the safety of employees and any other person present in the premises.

During any emergency the priority is life safety. And second step is to stabilize the incident. Several steps can be taken for stabilization of circumstances to minimize the potential damage. First aid can be given to injured persons by trained persons to save lives. Fire extinguish activity can be performed by skilled persons to extinguish small fire. Sheltering from severe weather such as tornadoes, shelter in place from outside airborne risk such as chemical spill is also included in protective actions. Lockdown is also a part. In short protective actions have following parts:

  • Evacuation
  • Sheltering
  • Shelter in place
  • Lock down

Though it is unfeasible to be fully prepared for emergency situations but it is crucial having an emergency response plan. It is the only way to increase safety chances during calamities. As emergencies are of different kinds we are in need to make different efficient plans to respond effectively in these situations. The important tool kits should be placed in suitable places to cope with physical state of affairs. Suitable strategic plans must be ready to implement to deal the emergency conditions in business and organization matters. All the involved persons should be abreast about the ERP created to deal with emergency conditions. This plan should contain a collaborative approach which supports the team work.

Here is download link for this Plan Template,

Download Emergency Response Plan Template.

Business Plan Template

Here is a useful and professional Business Plan Template that can be used by anyone to effectively create business plans for any kind of business or industry. This Sample Business Plan includes all needed sections to explain in details as what kind of business is being planned and under what context. Technical analysis is also included by doing competitor analysis in the same industry and also define special benefits that this business is suppose to offer to the community. After explaining all above mentioned areas, there should be description of management and key role personalities to be included in the launch of the business. Manufacturing and operating management plans must also be briefly discussed as a big picture (A detailed version can also be prepared afterwards). With a blue color scheme, I feel that this is just the perfect Business Plan Template to be used at any level of management.

Here is preview of this Business Plan Template,

Business Plan Template

Here is download link,

Download Business Plan Template.

Event Plan Template

Here is a professionally designed Event Plan Template that can help you to create event plans quickly and effectively. When an event is planned to be held in a public venue (all over the world), it is required to have a comprehensive Event Plan ready before management can announce a date and schedule. Every event plan requires several areas to be addressed before they can conclude it and project it as a potentially successful public event. While preparing such event plan document, it is important to define target audience and targeted geographical location so that rest of the sections should be focused on them. Next there should be nomination for key persons or key roles within the event team management. Moreover it is also critical to define event goals & objectives accurately and also need to prepare a checklist to verify them. Following this, there should be budget planning and allocation of funds to the specific fields of event management. List of activities performed and their sequence should also be explained. Special guests, advertisement policy and necessary security arrangement should also be explained for the smooth conduct of this event.  I am sharing this Event Plan Template to help managers to create good quality Event Plans effectively.

Here is preview of this Event Plan Template,

Event Plan Template

Here is download link,

Download Event Plan Template.

Risk Management Plan Template

Risk Management is very important management area in any project or business specially when it is in early stages so that all the challenges coming up should be faced with comprehension. All the potential risks must have been identified well before time and then all possible solutions should also be discussed and a best suitable solution for every potential risk (if raised) should be finalized. Here is a useful Risk Management Plan Template that can be used to prepare professional risk management plans for any kind of project. I have created this keeping in mind a generic approach so that it should be easily tailored to any situation up ahead. This word document includes explanation of methodology being used to plan risk management and also the key persons involved the process of Risk Management. Important sections in this Risk Management Plan Template are : Roles & Responsibilities of Key Players, Risk Thresholds, Defining Risk Rating, Communication and Tracking methods.

Here is preview of this Risk Management Plan Template,

Risk Management Plan Template

Here is download link,

Download Risk Management Plan Template.

Personal Monthly Budget Template

Here is a comprehensive Personal Monthly Budget Template that can be used to prepare and track monthly budgets for home or small businesses. This Personal Budget Template provides comprehensive comparison between Projected/Budgeted Income and Actual Income. Similarly, it compare Project/Budget Expenses with Actual Expenses. This budget template allows to input monthly income and expense amount and also track differences.

A Budget is really a useful thing to control your expenses and do proper preparation for meeting up coming expenses. Keeping an eye on your income and planning expenses before time is wise practice. Many business got cut-off on their profits only because they don’t prepare proper budgets. Following 12 monthly budget template can help them quickly overcome this problem and increase their profit.

Here is preview of this Personal Monthly Budget Template,

Here is download link,

Download Personal Monthly Budget Template.

Sample Proposal Document

Here is an attractive color themed sample Proposal Document that can be used to easily create proposals of any task or project. This word document contains several templates for several pages (layout and format) so that even a newbie can easily utilize this word template to create his own professional proposal quickly and effectively.

What should be included in a Proposal Document?

A proposal is suppose to be plan or study details to do a particular project or task in order to achieve a common objective.  A proposal can or can’t be prepared for a business. It can be targeted towards a non-profit or social welfare project without any direct relationship with financial interest or profit.

Here is preview of this sample Proposal Document,

Here is download link,

Download Sample Proposal Document.

Weekly Lesson Plan Template

Earlier I have shared two different versions of Lesson Plan Template that allows teachers to plan their courses at an high level (overview). Here is a more detailed Weekly Lesson Plan Template that can actually allow a teacher to plan details of each and every lesson/lecture to be delivered. I have categorized lesson details into three sub groups for each day,

  • Objective
    • Here you should describe lecture’s objective and main topics to be taught.
  • Resources
    • List resources to be shared or recommended to your students such as books, web links etc.
  • Activity
    • List activities to effectively communicate your message including the verification process.
I have used my usual dark background (reversed theme) to create this Weekly Lesson Plan Template and I am sure you are going to live it as well. Please post comments to let me know if you like it or not.
Here is preview,
Here is download link,


Preschool Lesson Plan Template

Without any difference of opinion, it is really a good idea to get started with kids education even if they are not formally joining a school or nursery. Here is a Preschool Lesson Plan that can help parents or preschool nurseries to plan activities for very young kids. The best technique is to play with kids while allow them to learn from this playing and earn their lessons by themselves. Helping them in the right direction and with right time help them sharp their learning skills while being active in day to day life as well. Just download the Preschool Lesson Plan Template below and use it to schedule your activities and then keep it going for your kids. I made it colorful earlier but then changed my mind and followed my reverse background theme. If you want that one,  just let me know I shall upload that too.

Here is preview of this Preschool Lesson Plan Template,

Here is download link,

Download Preschool Lesson Plan

You might be interested in looking at lesson plans for elder kids. I have already designed a Lesson Plan for school going kids for working at school or home for effectively learning. Here it is,

Lesson Plan Template.

Lesson Plan Template

Here I come again with another useful template. This is Lesson Plan Template. I got this one when I was going to deliver my first lecture at professional training institute. I found this template very handy and effective to plan your course objectives. It helped me to keep track of my lectures along with all the resources I needed at the time of teaching. It is a common problem with teachers that they often spend more time on some topics that they just lost their schedule and start slipping it. Hence they have to spend less time on later topics even if they are more important by nature. In this word document, Verification and Activity section is really important to understand as if your delivered lecture or schedule activity really performed well or not.  Follow image is just an overview of this Lesson Plan Template,

Here is its download link,

Download Lesson Plan Template

Updated on October 04, 2011

I have made changes to the above lesson plan template to make it look more professional and attractive. Please tell me through comments if you like this change or not.

Here is download link of this template,

Download Updated Lesson Plan Template

Updated on February 11, 2012

I have just created another Weekly Lesson Plan Template to help teachers to quickly and effectively plan details of each and every lesson/lecture being delivered. Check this out below in preview,

Weekly Lesson Plan Template.

Sponsorship Proposal

Here is another of my Word Document to share with you friends. This is Sponsorship Proposal Template. When I created Rental Agreement Template, I thought I need to create more multiple page documents. Hence I created this one. Please download it and go through each and every past of it. Except Text, just let me know what you think. Below is screen shot of this Sponsorship Proposal Template,

Here is download link,

Download Sponsorship Proposal Template