Partnership Contract Template

Here is a free Partnership Contract Template that can be used to create professional partnership contracts while launching a join venture in any field of life. This sample contract contains all the standard terms & conditions that one can think about an on going Partnership in business. However it is strongly recommended to read them all and edit it as per situation and requirements to make it complete fit for your situation. You can also add more terms easily by using lastest MS Word Application.

The reason of creating this contact template in MS Word is to make it easily editable for average PC users. Now a days, almost every PC has MS Office installed on his or her PC and people use it for writing day to day paper work. So use of this contract template would be easy for theme and they can easily edit it just like any other letter or document. However you have to download it from the link below before you can actually plan to use it to create your own partnership contract.

Here is preview of this Partnership Contract Template created using MS Word 2003,

Partnership Contract Template

Here is download link for this Partnership Contract Template,

Download Partnership Contract Template.

Website Design Contract Template

Here is a comprehensive Website Design Contract Template that can help any IT Service Provider to prepare a professional website design contract while delivering services. A Website Design Project requires carefully planning and accurate scope of project to delivery expected results in a timely fashion. It is very common reason of a failure of project if scope is not finalized or agreed upon at the start of project. When both parties are at different page as far as what is being delivered, probability says a failure is ahead.

A software development contract or a website design contract varies in nature as compared to other standard or legal contracts. It is also important to note that a Website Design is a creative service that might requires to define new parameters for client’s approval such as “suitable” means something acceptable by the client. Similarly, other usual terms must also be explained to full details before both parties sign this contract to avoid any potential conflict in future.

Here is preview of this Website Design Contract Template created using MS Word,

Website Design Contract Template

Here is download link for this Website Design Contract Template,

Download Website Design Contract Template.

Purchase Contract Template

Here is preview of a free Purchase Contract Template that can help any purchase manager to quickly create a comprehensive and professional purchase contract. During a purchase transaction, it is critical to discuss and finalize all the terms related to that purchase transaction and then put them all in a black & white contract. Such contracts help both parties to safe guide their interests in case a conflict arose. It is aslo very important as it helps both parties to recall at a later stage as what was agreed on a particular matter and how they can react to safe guide their interest or rights.

This Purchase Contract Template is created using MS Word and is very easy to edit or tailor as per any situation or demand. You just need to download it from the link below and extract the ZIP to obtain the MS Word Document to open and edit in latest MS Word Application. When it comes to creating a formal agreement, there are always bells and whistles that everyone must take care of it. Such formalities eat up a lot of your time and hence you will get less time to focus on actual issues. Follow, Purchase Contract Template can help you save some time and get started preparing your purchase contract quickly without worrying too much about standard layout or format.

Here is preview of this Purchase Contract Template created using MS Word,

Purchase Contract Template

Here is download link for this Purchase Contract Template,

Download Purchase Contract Template.

Property Contract Template

Here is a good quality Property Contract Template that can help anyone to come up with a comprehensive property leasing contact or agreement. Now a days property business is at its peak in many countries and investors prefer to invest their money in real estate rather than any other sector hence there comes a need for a read made Property Contract Template to help them prepare a formal contract. While, there is more or less standard terms that is mutually agreed by the parties in a property lease deal, still there might comes a need for adding new terms of reference. This contract template can easily assist in such situation as it has all the standard terms and you can only focus on customized terms while editing it.

This Property Lease Contract Template is created using MS Word so that anyone can easily edit it anywhere. It doesn’t matter how proficient you are with your computer skills, if you know how to write a letter in MS Word, you can easily edit this contract template and come up with a professionally drafted leasing contract.

Here is preview of this Property Contract Template created using MS Word,

Property Contract Template

Here is download link for this Property Contract Template,
Download Property Contract Template.

Tenancy Contract Template

Tenancy Contract is very important and legal document between tenant and the landlord of a real estate property. Here I am going to share with you a Tenancy Contact Template that I prepared to quickly assist such people looking for a quick help in this matter. This contact documents all the necessary terms & conditions for a period of one year (usually) between the two parties regarding the temporary occupation of a real estate space (room, flat, house or commercial place). It outlines the requirements to enter into this agreement, terms of reference to go through the said period and conditions by which one or both parties can cancel or terminate this contact. It must be in official language and common business layout to maintain seriousness of the subject matter. It is advisable to use a world class online legal translation service to make sure it is in your official language so that you fully understand the contract.

Here is preview of this Tenancy Contact Template,

Tenancy Contract Template


Here is download link of this Tenancy Contract Template,

Download Tenancy Contract Template.

Employment Contract Template

Here is an Employment Contract Template that can facilitate the process of hiring an employee on a specific designation for a company. I have tried to include all possible terms and conditions that an employer and employee might be concerned about. Moreover, I have put them in sections so that it should be easier for anyone to quickly search and edit a section.

This contract beings with specifying the both parties (employer and employee) with their respective addresses. After that, there are several sections that list down terms & conditions related to this employer-employee relationship.

Here is preview of this Employment Contract Template,

Here is download link,

Download Employment Contract Template.

Promissory Note Template

Here is a sample Promissory Note Template that can be used to record a loan transaction officially or unofficially. For official document, please consult to your attorney. This word document is really useful where parties involving in a loan transaction don’t know how to document it for later use or reference. A promissory note is said to be an agreement between issuer and borrower for a certain amount to be borrowed and returned on demand or at a specific date/schedule in full or by parts. Please find more information on promissory note at wikipedia.

I have used my favorite slight black background (reversed text) to make it distinctive in printing. Please let me know how you see my effort in putting up this word template here (obviously through comments 🙂 ).

Here is preview,

here is its download link,

Download Promissory Note Template

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Sales Contract Template

Sorry guys for late reply. After preparing and uploading Lined Paper Template, I became quite busy in my routine tasks so couldn’t find enough time to post next word document. Here is my next word document. It is Sales Contract. This Sales Contract Template can be used to edit and create your very own Sales Contract. I have used Verdana 10 size for the text but you can use it whatever you feel suitable. Many people like Arial instead of Verdana.

Also, I have tried my best o post as many sections as I can. So please add/remove as per your situation. Here is preview of this Sale Contract,

Please downoad this Sales Contract template from the link below,

Sales Contract Template.