Cash Slip Template

Here is a good looking Cash Slip Template that can be used to create professional looking Cash Request or Receipt Slips for any professional organization. Every business deals with cash payments or receipt on day to day basis. To record such transactions, it is vital to have some paper work specially that requires cash payment or receipt. Here is a professionally designed cash slip template that can assist anyone in creating their own cash slips no matter what situation or requirements would be. Once you have customized design and layout of this Cash Slip Template, you need to print multiple copies for later use. Don’t forget to place ample space for customer as well as authorized person signatures.

Cash slips are very common document prepared at cash counters and/or accounts section of any business organization. Usually anyone can easily buy ready-made letter pads of cash slips but they often printed using a basic and limited design. To add your own information, you must need a customized slip design so that you can easily edit. Hence this slip template can easily help you in this very task and can easily help you to create your own desired cash slip quickly and effectively.

Here is preview of this Cash Slip Template created using MS Word,

Cash Slip Template

Here is download link for this Cash Slip Template

Download Cash Slip Template.

Purchase Order Template

Here is a good looking Purchase Order Template created using Microsoft Word so that even a newbie MS Office user can easily use this template and create professional purchase orders (POs). Purchasing goods is a critical procedure for every kind of business and requires careful planning as well as tracking to ensure a transparent purchase process. A PO is usually created by purchase officer to ensure that company’s work remain in process and there shouldn’t be any hindrance that can cause trouble to the company’s revenue stream. If you are dealing with a manufacturing industry, there is no doubt that you have to deal with creation of Purchase Orders and you will definitely looking for a professional Purchase Order Template to quickly create your own PO Professionally.

The feature of this word template is that it is created using Microsoft Word 2013 as it will help you to not only create your own PO quickly but also not to worry about professional layout. At bigger level, planned purchase order is also being created to help purchase officer to take right decision for purchase goods.  In order to use this template, you have to download it from the link below and make sure that you have MS Office 2013 installed on your PC to edit it.

Here is preview of this Purchase Order Template created using MS Word 2013,

Purchase Order Template

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Download Purchase Order Template.

Press Release Template

Here is a professional Press Release Template that can help anyone in creating official press release quickly and effectively. It is the right of every consumer to receive up to date information regarding the products or brands he purchased or interested to purchase in near future. To fulfill this requirement, every business practice press release to spread important news and information at public. In this current age of Internet, several online sites syndicate press releases across the globe to help individuals to access this information at their convenience. This Press Release Template is created using Microsoft Word 2013 so that everyone can easily use it and also get benefit from latest features of MS Word 2013.

Press Releases usually created with a customized header or at least company logo on top of it. This way everyone can easily recognize it and quickly filter it out among so many press releases being generated online. However body format is suggested to be simple and professional as it meant to be look professional and serious by nature. Hence anyone using this press release template should download it from the link below and then start editing it by putting up your professional logo and customized header (if any).

Here is preview of this Press Release Template created using Microsoft Word 2013,

Press Release Template

Please feel free to edit color scheme if you desire some change or new look as per your company policy. To download it, please check on the link below,

Download Press Release Template.

Memorandum Template

Here is a good looking professional Memorandum Template that can be used to create inter-department or intra-office memo to spread an observation or details of event taken place for memorizing. The basic purpose of writing a Memo is to make something memorable and make the reader to remember it for the times coming. This is particularly important and being practiced in an office environment to bring staff’s attention towards a recent event or topic being discussed. A Memorandum must be written in formal language and should also mention its potential readers like “Staff Members” etc. Following word template can easily help any newbie to get started with creating a professional memo quickly and effectively.

Here is preview of this Memorandum Template,

Here is download link,

Download Memorandum Template.

Insurance Tracking Log Template

Here is a Insurance Tracking Log that can be used to track expenses and costs occur on your insurance related events. Usually it covers medical insurance but can easily be covered any type of insurances such as Auto Insurance, Property Insurance, Travel Insurance etc. Because of varied nature of insurance types, I have used term “Insurance Type 1” and “Insurance Type 2” so that it should be replaced with the proper names and types of insurance for which tracking is planned.

This Insurance Tracking Log covers expenses occurs for whole year divided into 12 months with names. It contains information such as Insurance Type, Total Expense, Insurance Type 1, Insurance Type 2 etc. The header section contains information regarding insurance company and policy number as well as contact details for the relevant insurance agent.

Here is preview of this Insurance Tracking Log,

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Download Insurance Tracking Log.

Sample Bill of Sale Template

Here is a Sample Bill of Sale Document that can be used to record a sales transaction between two parties for future reference. Such document is very critical in bigger transactions that involved big cash or amount in deal. On many countries, there are a special papers (printed or stamped) to write such transactions. In such case, please print this Bill of Sale form into that document for legal purposes.

Here is preview of this Sample Bill of Sale Form,

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Download Sample Bill of Sale.

Vehicle Gasoline Log Template

Here is a comprehensive Vehicle Gasoline Log that can be used to track and record vehicle usage. This log template is really useful for companies maintaining several vehicles and drivers at a time. One sheet should be prepared for each vehicle and driver to record that driver’s usage of that vehicle. It includes log information such as Date, Mileage, Gasoline (Gallons or Liters), Price and Total Amount. This Vehicle Gasoline Log template also includes information regarding vehicle details and starting mileage at the time of purchase of a vehicle. Hence, it provides comprehensive ways to track the usage of your vehicles in a situation where someone else is driving it to serve you. This template is equally useful for home and/or personal drivers.

Here is preview of this Vehicle Gasoline Log,

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Download Vehicle Gasoline Log.

Executive Summary Template

Here is a template for Executive Summary which is a need of everyone looking for presenting an executive summary to his senior management regarding a project, event or an issue. An Executive Summary is usually refer to as a summarized document that represents facts and figures documented in a detailed and long official report. Senior Management don’t have the tendency to spend too much time reading and studying a long official report and hence there comes the need of creating an Executive Summary.

Following document template is presented here to help managers to quickly create Executive Summary for their senior management and spend more time on contents rather than layout and professional structure. Considering the critical importance of this document, it is really important to use a professional layout so that senior management can easily navigate through it and find desired sections easily.

Here is preview of this Executive Summary template,

Here is download link,

Download Executive Summary.

Sample Proposal Document

Here is an attractive color themed sample Proposal Document that can be used to easily create proposals of any task or project. This word document contains several templates for several pages (layout and format) so that even a newbie can easily utilize this word template to create his own professional proposal quickly and effectively.

What should be included in a Proposal Document?

A proposal is suppose to be plan or study details to do a particular project or task in order to achieve a common objective.  A proposal can or can’t be prepared for a business. It can be targeted towards a non-profit or social welfare project without any direct relationship with financial interest or profit.

Here is preview of this sample Proposal Document,

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Download Sample Proposal Document.

Sample Authorization Document

An Authorization Document allows an individual or organization to perform a certain operation on behalf of another individual or an organization. Usually Authorization Documents are used to ask organizations to release a particular kind of information directly or indirectly related to you. This sample document is related to authorizing health information of a patient for any purpose. Here are some important elements of this Authorization Document,

  • To {Name & Address}
  • Your Information
  • Statement of Authorization
  • Signature & Date
This document is easy to modify for any purpose suitable. So feel free to modify it as per your situation and requirements.
Here is preview of this Sample Authorization Document,
Here is download link,


Sample Privacy Policy Document

Privacy Policy is very important for running a serious business specially if it has online presence to communicate with their customers or potential customers. Now a days, everyone is very conscious about his/her privacy and pay full attention to a website’s privacy policy before using its features or products. I have laid out a sample Privacy Policy so that everyone can easily create his/her own professional privacy policy without hiring a qualified legal agent. I have included following sections in this sample document, but you can add/edit as per your situation and requirements.

Sections of this Privacy Policy Document:

  • Purpose
  • Scope
  • References
  • Responsibilities
  • Designation Record
  • Notice of Practices
  • Minimum Necessary Policy
  • Individual Rights
  • Business Associate Agreements
  • Sanctions
Here is preview of this Sample Privacy Policy Document,
Here is download link,


SRS Document

Here is a SRS Document based upon Object Oriented Analysis & Design principles. Requirements are documented by the help of object oriented methods such as Use Case diagrams and Object Relations. A Sample database project is selected to perform necessary analysis to write this SRS document. This SRS Format can easily be used to write Requirements Specifications for any kind of project. Here are main sections of this SRS Document,

  • Goals & Objectives
  • Statement of Scope
  • Major Constraints
  • Usage Scenarios (Use Cases)
  • Data Model and Description
  • System Behavior
  • Glossary
Specific projects may require addition of more sections, so it is perfectly normal to add more and more sections to this document to make it complete and accurate.
Here is preview of this SRS Document,

Here is download link,

Download Sample SRS Document


Job Description Template

Several people asked me about this Job Description Template. There are several JD Templates available online but as reported, they are all very complicated and big-industry targeted.  Hence I decided to step up and create a Job Description Template for small to medium scale organizations. Here it is.

As it is clear from the preview, this template is divided into four sections. In first section, basic information regarding job designation is required such as Job Title, Reporting To, Short Job Description, Salary Range and other Benefits. While the second section is listing Major Job Responsibilities. The next section enlist Minor or by-product kind of duties of this designation. I strongly suggest to use numbered bullets here so that all these duties or job functions should be cross-reference-able. Such numbers can be referred while writing personal efficiency reports.

Here is download link for this Job Description Template,

Download Job Description Template.