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Purchase Order Template

Here is a good looking Purchase Order Template created using Microsoft Word so that even a newbie MS Office user can easily use this template and create professional purchase orders (POs). Purchasing goods is a critical procedure for every kind of business and requires careful planning as well as tracking to

Memorandum Template

Here is a good looking professional Memorandum Template that can be used to create inter-department or intra-office memo to spread an observation or details of event taken place for memorizing. The basic purpose of writing a Memo is to make something memorable and make the reader to remember it for the times

Vehicle Gasoline Log Template

Here is a comprehensive Vehicle Gasoline Log that can be used to track and record vehicle usage. This log template is really useful for companies maintaining several vehicles and drivers at a time. One sheet should be prepared for each vehicle and driver to record that driver's usage of that vehicle. It includes

Executive Summary Template

Here is a template for Executive Summary which is a need of everyone looking for presenting an executive summary to his senior management regarding a project, event or an issue. An Executive Summary is usually refer to as a summarized document that represents facts and figures documented in a detailed and

Sample Authorization Document

An Authorization Document allows an individual or organization to perform a certain operation on behalf of another individual or an organization. Usually Authorization Documents are used to ask organizations to release a particular kind of information directly or indirectly related to you. This sample document is related to authorizing health information of

SRS Document

Here is a SRS Document based upon Object Oriented Analysis & Design principles. Requirements are documented by the help of object oriented methods such as Use Case diagrams and Object Relations. A Sample database project is selected to perform necessary analysis to write this SRS document. This SRS Format can easily

Job Description Template

Several people asked me about this Job Description Template. There are several JD Templates available online but as reported, they are all very complicated and big-industry targeted.  Hence I decided to step up and create a Job Description Template for small to medium scale organizations. Here it is. As it is clear