Reseller Agreement Template

A reseller is a company or an individual that purchase merchandise or services with the intention of selling them, rather than consuming or using them. Generally it made for profit earning but sometimes the commodities have to sale at loss. One example can be found in telecommunications, where corporations buy surplus amounts of broadcast aptitude or call time from other deliverance services and resell it to less significant carrier. This Agreement clarifies the terms and conditions that the reseller is agree to abide by all the rules and regulations and as well the responsibilities included those transactions in the businesses which are related to the reselling. The reseller also agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement for any transaction made by another person. The effectual date of this agreement shall be considered to be the date on which the reseller completed the contract process of reseller curriculum. In such situation of reselling the company grants the reseller a non-exclusive and non transferable license to resell its services.

The company also offers the reseller the right to make his/her own marketing strategies and market his/her goods and services according to his/her own independently regarded marketing ideas and predilections. The reseller recognizes that all costs, concession rates and transaction fees are issue to revolutionize. The company will offer its services to the reseller according to the Company’s wholesale price directory. Selection of services and locale of retail prices can be prepared by the reseller. The Reseller authorizes the company to charge each customer who is paying for a service through Reseller with the exact service price amount in the currency selected by the Reseller. In this agreement the reseller also agrees to cover moderately the billing fees incorporated in the processing of the costs of his/her clients in cases when the reseller is reselling a service of the company intended for a retail price over 100% advanced than the whole sale value. The sum of the partial billing fees covered by the reseller will be reserved from his/her reseller commission.

The liberated Reseller Program offers the Reseller an alternative to receive a monthly commission, the sum of which depends on the sales he/she has accomplished for the phase of one month. The commission sum is calculated per sold particular service. The outstanding commission symbolizes the remaining difference among the wholesale cost and the retail cost of all services sold during a month. The commissions are issued at the start of every month. The smallest amount for disbursement of the reseller commission is settled down by the consciences of both parties. During the period of this agreement, reseller may point toward to the trade and to the communal that he/she is an official reseller of the company products. With company’s prior written consent, the reseller may also utilize the company’s trademarks and the trade names to endorse and seek sales of the company products if done so in strict agreement with company’s supervision.  Reseller will not take up or use such trademarks or the trade names or in the least confusingly word or figure as element of his/her business without awaiting the company’s written authorization.

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Strategic Partnership Agreement Template

The Strategic partnership agreement is signed by two or more business parties being agreed to allocate resources in a particular project. A strategic partnership agreement is different from a cooperative business enterprise where two companies combine their resources to create a separate entity. A strategic partnership agreement can be forged for distribution of products, sharing channels, manufacturing potential project financial support capital equipment, acquaintance expertise, or rational property. The partnership agreement allows the parties to work jointly to hopefully become conscious of greater benefits from the partnership agreement than from individual efforts. The partnership agreement frequently involves technology transfer, collective expenses and mutual risk. A strategic partnership agreement has more than a few recompense like it may allow each party to focus on activities that best match their capabilities and make available great learning experience for both the parties, which may reflect upon their individual proficiency. Sharing their exclusive possessions and capabilities regularly helps the companies to generate a competitive advantage in the market.

A distinctive strategic partnership agreement configuration procedure involves these steps like:

Strategy Development: Strategy development engages revising the partnership agreement’s practicability objectives and justifications, concentrating on the key concerns and challenges and development of resource strategies for manufacturing technology, and people.

Partner Evaluation: Partner evaluation involves examining a prospective partner’s potency and disadvantages creating strategies for obliging all partners’ management styles, organize proper partner selection criteria, considerate a partner’s intention for unification, the partnership agreement and concentrate on resource capability gaps that may exist for a partner.

Contract Negotiation: Contract consultations involve determining whether all parties have sensible objectives, figure out high caliber negotiating team who signify each partner’s involvement and rewards as well as defend any proprietary information, explain termination clauses, fine for deprived performance.

Partnership agreement procedure: Partnership agreement process occupy concentrate on higher-ranking management’s commitment, finding the caliber of resources dedicated to the partnership agreement, connecting of budgets and resources on main strategic concerns, and reviewing the performance and consequences of the partnership agreement.

Partnership Agreement Termination: Partnership agreement termination involves wind up clause in the partnership agreement, for example when its objectives been met or cannot be met according to the agreement, or when a partner regulates priorities or re-allocates possessions on somewhere else.

The reward of strategic partnership agreement include that it allows all partners to contemplate on those activities which have the best match with their capabilities. Learning from associates & developing proficiency. Develop sufficient appropriateness of the possessions & competencies of an organization to survive. There are four categories of strategic partnership agreements: Joint venture is a strategic partnership agreement in which two or more firms generate a legally self-governing company to distribute some of their possessions and potential to develop a viable benefit. Equity strategic partnership agreement is a partnership agreement in which two or more firms possess special percentages of the company they have shaped by joining some of their assets and means to create a competitive improvement. Non-equity strategic partnership agreement is a partnership agreement in which two or more firms build up a contractual-relationship to distribute some of their exceptional assets and ability to create a competitive lead. Global Strategic Partnership agreement is operational partnership among companies (often more than two) crossways national borders and progressively more across industries, occasionally created involving company and a overseas government, or among governments and companies. The agreements should be reviewed and be set up by the mutual conscience.

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Sample Privacy Policy Document

Privacy Policy is very important for running a serious business specially if it has online presence to communicate with their customers or potential customers. Now a days, everyone is very conscious about his/her privacy and pay full attention to a website’s privacy policy before using its features or products. I have laid out a sample Privacy Policy so that everyone can easily create his/her own professional privacy policy without hiring a qualified legal agent. I have included following sections in this sample document, but you can add/edit as per your situation and requirements.

Sections of this Privacy Policy Document:

  • Purpose
  • Scope
  • References
  • Responsibilities
  • Designation Record
  • Notice of Practices
  • Minimum Necessary Policy
  • Individual Rights
  • Business Associate Agreements
  • Sanctions
Here is preview of this Sample Privacy Policy Document,
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Sample Consultant Confidentiality Agreement

Here is a Sample Consultant Confidentiality Agreement that can help both parties (consultant and the employer) to safeguard their confidentiality concerns before engaging with a business transaction. Confidentiality Agreements are a bit more detailed and broaden in scope as compared to Non-Disclosure Agreement. It involves both party concerns and not only for the employer to impose non-disclosure condition to the consultant. Consultant can also demand confidentiality in the matters he is interested before working on the said business activity. For instance, he/she may ask for complete secrecy on payment or method of payment Or overall time period of the project or activity. Following Sample Consultant Confidentiality Agreement will help picking correct terms and conditions for the parties if they are doing it first time.

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Consultant Confidentiality Agreement

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Partnership Agreement Template

Here is a Partnership Agreement Template that can be used to compile and formalize a partnership based business venture. In this agreement, we  have assumed two partners: investor and the technical developer. The agreement moves around developing and marketing an Automatic Forex Robot that can do automatic Forex trading on behalf of a client. Technical Developer will develop it while the investor party will provide subject matter expertise as well as complete layout of the business plan. This partnership is based upon fifty-fifty on profit & loss. All terms of reference are established and maximum areas of possible conflict are resolved to come up with this comprehensive partnership agreement.

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Partnership Agreement Template

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Service Agreement Template

Here is a Service Agreement Template that I created once for my company to sign with new employees. I have found it very useful specially to write everything in black & white in start of employment period such as Employee Qualification, Experience, Terms & Conditions, Offer Details and Periodic Performance Reviews. I have divided this Service Agreement into five distinct sections.

  1. Personal Information
  2. Academic Information
  3. Working Experience or Professional Experience
  4. Terms of Reference or Terms & Conditions
  5. Service Offer
In the first three sections, employee specify his bio-data while in 4th section I list out all of our terms & conditions that we agreed mutually at the time of appointment. After this, we specify as what service offers is made to the candidate such as Designation, Salary, other Benefits and most importantly the performance review period.
At the bottom, there is a place for signatures of both parties (Services Provider) and (Company’s Representative) to seal this Service Agreement and make it reference-able. Here is preview of this service agreement template,
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Promissory Note Template

Here is a sample Promissory Note Template that can be used to record a loan transaction officially or unofficially. For official document, please consult to your attorney. This word document is really useful where parties involving in a loan transaction don’t know how to document it for later use or reference. A promissory note is said to be an agreement between issuer and borrower for a certain amount to be borrowed and returned on demand or at a specific date/schedule in full or by parts. Please find more information on promissory note at wikipedia.

I have used my favorite slight black background (reversed text) to make it distinctive in printing. Please let me know how you see my effort in putting up this word template here (obviously through comments 🙂 ).

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Non-Disclosure Agreement

Hello Friends!  Here comes another Agreement Document :-). I like this Non-Disclosure Agreement because it is simple one page agreement but includes everything that any professional non-disclosure agreement must have. Please don’t forget to change contact and other details on this template before using it for your serious purpose. Moreover, feel free to read and edit agreement details as per your situation.

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Lease Agreement Template

After preparing Rental Agreement Template and receiving feedback from valued visitors, I have now attempted to create a Lease Agreement Template. I have tried to make it as better as I can (both from look and contents wise). I have used highlighted color scheme for the headings to make it look distinctive and prominent specially on printed paper. Please let me know if you like it or not.

Here is preview and download link of this Lease Agreement Template,

Here is download link,

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Rental Agreement Template

This is my first attempt to design a Rental Agreement. Obviously it is a basic agreement but you must be glad to see that it has good professional looking layout as well as includes all basic elements such as Party Introduction, a few standard terms of reference and finally the signatures at the closing end. I am sure you will like it. I shall try to upload a better version with much more text (ready to be used) in coming months. Please before using it for some serious purpose, read the it thoroughly and edit/change where needed specially in sections 2 and 3. This is critical because this is a serious document and I have noticed that my respected visitors of this website are actually using it.

Just go and have a look at it and let me know what you think about it.

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Updated On June 24, 2011

Here is an updated version of this Rental Agreement Template. I have changed it to white background. I am sure it is more professional in look & feel.

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