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Reseller Agreement Template

A reseller is a company or an individual that purchase merchandise or services with the intention of selling them, rather than consuming or using them. Generally it made for profit earning but sometimes the commodities have to sale at loss. One example can be found in telecommunications, where corporations buy surplus amounts of broadcast aptitude or call time from other deliverance services and resell it to less significant carrier. This Agreement clarifies the terms and conditions that the reseller is agree to abide by all the rules and regulations and as well the responsibilities included those transactions in the businesses which are related to the reselling. The reseller also agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement for any transaction made by another person. The effectual date of this agreement shall be considered to be the date on which the reseller completed the contract process of reseller curriculum. In such situation of reselling the company grants the reseller a non-exclusive and non transferable license to resell its services.

The company also offers the reseller the right to make his/her own marketing strategies and market his/her goods and services according to his/her own independently regarded marketing ideas and predilections. The reseller recognizes that all costs, concession rates and transaction fees are issue to revolutionize. The company will offer its services to the reseller according to the Company’s wholesale price directory. Selection of services and locale of retail prices can be prepared by the reseller. The Reseller authorizes the company to charge each customer who is paying for a service through Reseller with the exact service price amount in the currency selected by the Reseller. In this agreement the reseller also agrees to cover moderately the billing fees incorporated in the processing of the costs of his/her clients in cases when the reseller is reselling a service of the company intended for a retail price over 100% advanced than the whole sale value. The sum of the partial billing fees covered by the reseller will be reserved from his/her reseller commission.

The liberated Reseller Program offers the Reseller an alternative to receive a monthly commission, the sum of which depends on the sales he/she has accomplished for the phase of one month. The commission sum is calculated per sold particular service. The outstanding commission symbolizes the remaining difference among the wholesale cost and the retail cost of all services sold during a month. The commissions are issued at the start of every month. The smallest amount for disbursement of the reseller commission is settled down by the consciences of both parties. During the period of this agreement, reseller may point toward to the trade and to the communal that he/she is an official reseller of the company products. With company’s prior written consent, the reseller may also utilize the company’s trademarks and the trade names to endorse and seek sales of the company products if done so in strict agreement with company’s supervision.  Reseller will not take up or use such trademarks or the trade names or in the least confusingly word or figure as element of his/her business without awaiting the company’s written authorization.

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