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Rental Agreement Template

This is my first attempt to design a Rental Agreement. Obviously it is a basic agreement but you must be glad to see that it has good professional looking layout as well as includes all basic elements such as Party Introduction, a few standard terms of reference and finally the signatures at the closing end. I am sure you will like it. I shall try to upload a better version with much more text (ready to be used) in coming months. Please before using it for some serious purpose, read the it thoroughly and edit/change where needed specially in sections 2 and 3. This is critical because this is a serious document and I have noticed that my respected visitors of this website are actually using it.

Just go and have a look at it and let me know what you think about it.

Download Rental Agreement Template

Updated On June 24, 2011

Here is an updated version of this Rental Agreement Template. I have changed it to white background. I am sure it is more professional in look & feel.

Download Updated Rental Agreement Template.

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