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Lined Paper Template

I was looking for a traditional notebook styled Lined Paper Template but wasn’t able to find it. Hence I created my own and used it with color printer to print a small number of papers to bundle as personal notebook. Later on, I saved it in my old files folder. Today just realized that I should share this lined paper template with others too. The beauty of this word document is that it can be printed on any kind of paper, with regular hp printer ink cartridges, or any other kind of ink replacements. You can use 80g or less for a day to day use in office or at home. To use it for some official purpose, you can print it out on 100g or better paper with better finishing. Such templates are always very handy to keep and use when needed.

Please have a look at it and download it from the link below if found useful. Do give me your comments as if you like it or not.

Here is its download link

Download Lined Paper Template

Updated on 20-Jan-2012:

Here are a bit more wider Lined Paper Template which is quite useful in writing not only English but also other languages.

Here is preview,

Here is download link,

Download Lined Paper Template

Just added more English Letter Writing Paper Templates to my site. Please click the image below to download them.

 Writing Paper Template.

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