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Invoice Template

Here I come again with another template. This time it is Invoice Template: a mostly demanded and heavily used word document on electronic world. I was just thinking about a new topic to create my next template when I received an invoice from a local Computer Store for my purchase of HP Printer. I just looked at it and noticed that invoice layout was not that appealing as it should be in a business world. Hence, I decided to create one Invoice template and then share it with rest of world. May be its going to be help for someone somewhere.

Here is preview of this Invoice Template,

Here is its download link,

Download Invoice Template


Updated on 06-Oct-2011:

I have updated this template again to give it a little different look and make it more prominent in printing. I changed title backgrounds to Black and also all table lines to dark black too. Moreover, I have added a Logo Option at the footer too.

Here is its download link,

Download Invoice Template – Updated

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