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Fragile Label Template

Here is a simple yet good quality Fragile Label Template that can be used by anyone to quickly print out fragile stickers to be placed on fragile items to be shipped or transported from one location to another. A Fragile label is used to identify an item as to treat carefully because loose handling can result in damage to it. It is particularly important where you don’t know who is going to take care of this item. Usually, such labels are attached to the shipping items while leaving factory so that every item must be marked correctly as to handle with care. However sometimes you have to print and attach such labels on urgent basis and hence will be in need of a ready made template to do it. This fragile label template can save your day in such situation.

This label template is created using MS Word so that anyone using a standard PC can easily edit it. You can easily edit its contents by opening it in MS Word and then send it for printing. If required, you can also add barcode to it but usually it is attached separately along with product description. You can also print out some standard fragile labels as a handy source to use it when and where required on the go. Remember to place such already printed labels on a prominent place so that everyone can easily access it when needed.

Here is preview of this Fragile Label Template created using MS Word 2007,

Fragile Label Template

Here is download link for this Fragile Label Template,

Download Fragile Label Template.

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