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Field Report Template

Field reports are written in office environments to state the results and other data obtained from a trip. These reports are also known as field trip reports and are written to summarize details of fieldwork, experiences, observations and conclusions to clarify both type of qualitative and quantitative data collection. Field report is usually written to explain all procedures how different sets of data work together to answer the research questions related to your objectives. Field report can be written on different subjects such as observation of wildlife or evaluation of coal mines etc. Field report may be written on the functions and relations of an organizations network with specific branch. Any kind of field report requires some steps to follow to make sure that the report is effective and professional.

Field Report Template

Important Elements of Field Report

All types of field reports use combination of theory and practice to describe both portrayal and analysis. It is important to be careful while writing field reports to present descriptions without any error. Following are important elements of field reports:

  • Description: You have to write your observations you have seen or observed on specific place.
  • Analysis: write strengths and weaknesses, reflection or evaluation of observations in the light of theory and key concepts of your course.
  • Appendix: It contains necessary information to support your analysis for example, full transcripts of observations, maps and court session details.

Tips to Write Field Report

  • You have to take notes while your trip to detail everything properly to avoid future problems. It is good to quite dates with each observation and it is especially important to write dates if your subject gets affected with weather or any other factor. If you want to quote some interviews in the field report to support your evidences then you have to write name of the interviewees, their job titles and function.
  • Start your report writing right after your field trip because any delay can change the shapes of your facts and figures. Start your report with your name, date and title of the report. Your title should reflect your specific purpose of your field trip or field report.
  • Write a general summary of your field report for the convenience of reader and you can name this section as “Overview”. This should include general summary of your observations and conclusions.
  • Carefully write the body of your report and write it in different way based on the context of your trip. You can use a typical organizational structure to state your field trip activities and other observations. You can simply use chronological order to thoroughly write your day by day details.
  • Finalize your field report with “Conclusion” and it should be of personal nature. You can use different observations and data to support your conclusion.
  • After completing your report, cross check it to remove all logical and grammatical errors. You can take the services of some colleague or friend to review important parts of your report.

Download Field Report Template.

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