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Emergency Response Plan Template

Life is unsure, we may have to face unexpected circumstances in many fields of life for whom we may not be prepared. This is considered as emergency. We often ignore it and do not make any plan to cope with these situations. No one can determine the survival chances in a disaster without having an Emergency Response Plan (ERP). Here is a good quality Emergency Response Plan Template that can help anyone in this very task. Emergencies may include natural disasters like hurricane epidemics, terrorist attack, any brutal road accident, some chemical spill at any chemical plant etc. Emergency could be at domestic level or national level.

It is significant to find key steps to overcome the emergency and include them in your emergency response plan. It should include following elements:

  • Detailed efficient and revealing synopsis
  • Fastidious roles and errands of concerned persons
  • Apt communication processes
  • Safety measures of all involved persons
  • Finding resources and equipments
  • Protection of property

When ERP is compiled, it will specify precise steps to carry on the intact plan in motion as quickly and effectively as possible. ERP must include the kind of emergency for which it is created.

Emergency Response Plan Template

The initial actions are crucial in handling of emergency conditions, so risk assessment is very important to discover the potential of emergency scenario. This will enable you to prepare your ERP consistent to the conditions which you are dealing with and performance goals. A prompt warning to the relevant persons is necessary part and life saving activity.  Protective actions for life safety are a vital part of ERP. It includes the safety of employees and any other person present in the premises.

During any emergency the priority is life safety. And second step is to stabilize the incident. Several steps can be taken for stabilization of circumstances to minimize the potential damage. First aid can be given to injured persons by trained persons to save lives. Fire extinguish activity can be performed by skilled persons to extinguish small fire. Sheltering from severe weather such as tornadoes, shelter in place from outside airborne risk such as chemical spill is also included in protective actions. Lockdown is also a part. In short protective actions have following parts:

  • Evacuation
  • Sheltering
  • Shelter in place
  • Lock down

Though it is unfeasible to be fully prepared for emergency situations but it is crucial having an emergency response plan. It is the only way to increase safety chances during calamities. As emergencies are of different kinds we are in need to make different efficient plans to respond effectively in these situations. The important tool kits should be placed in suitable places to cope with physical state of affairs. Suitable strategic plans must be ready to implement to deal the emergency conditions in business and organization matters. All the involved persons should be abreast about the ERP created to deal with emergency conditions. This plan should contain a collaborative approach which supports the team work.

Here is download link for this Plan Template,

Download Emergency Response Plan Template.

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